Developmental Designs for High School

28 hour Professional Development

  • Collaborate with a learning community
  • Create a supportive community
  • Deliver motivating instruction
  • Teach self-direction and self-control
Price: $899/person

Developmental Designs for High School was created specifically with 9-12th grade students in mind. Research shows that engagement in school begins to drop after 5th grade and continues through high school. 50% of students are either disengaged or actively disengaged (Gallup, 2015) by the time they leave high school. Developmental Designs practices and principles create equitable, trauma informed classrooms. These practices were created to engage students in high school classrooms in three important ways: CREATING A SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY

  • Discover how 9th -12th grade developmental needs shape their learning
  • Experience four important parts of an effective advisory program
  • Learn ways to build and sustain effective learning community all day everyday


  • Learn the ten ‘gold’ minutes for learning in each class period
  • Experience several games, activities and brain breaks to energize and re-engage students
  • Practice and build structures/routines to create effective social interaction


  • Practice five types of teacher language that encourage, empower and build pro-social skills
  • Learn the five needs that drive ALL student behavior
  • Examine three structures to help students master learning routines
  • Learn how to personalize discipline for equitable responses

Call: 612.822.3422 or Email: with questions or to schedule for your school. Note: The Origins Program reserves the right to cancel workshops and is not liable for any travel-related or other expenses incurred by a registrant or payee due to a canceled workshop.

All Origins workshops are highly interactive, providing many opportunities for you to talk with other educators and ask your most compelling questions to workshop facilitators.  You will be seated in a circle during presentations.

Workshop schedule

Most workshops begin at 8:30 a.m. and end at 3:30 p.m.

Lunch arrangements for on-site workshops will be subject to the school agreement.

Certificate of attendance

You will receive a 28-hour certificate of attendance for participation in the entire workshop.


After you register, you will receive a confirmation email with more detailed information and the schedule for the workshop.  

Developmental Designs enhances the classroom community and gives students autonomy & competence. Students perform better when they feel like they are part of the group and have a role in their education. ~Developmental Designs for High School trained educator

These truly seem like the best strategies for engaging ALL students in high level learning while teaching crucial SEL skills. Developmental Designs builds stronger relationships between students and staff. ~Developmental Designs for High School trained educator

Because all good educators want to consistently improve, be more effective, and make the best connections and impact possible for all students. ~Developmental Designs for High School trained educator

Workshop helped co construct and get planning for the upcoming year! I am so much more at ease. ~Developmental Designs for High School trained educator