Community Level 3 – Comfortable

Materials: Blindfolds

How to Play: Players form two straight lines facing each other,
forming the “runway” space between them. The players in each line are
shoulder-to-shoulder. One player stands at the head of the runway, and
another at the foot. The player at the head of the runway is the
control tower. The player at the foot is the airplane. He is
blindfolded, and his job is to get to the control tower safely, with no
“accidents.” An accident occurs whenever the plane bumps into anyone
standing along the “runway.” The people forming the edge of the runway
can help the plane land safely by making agreed-upon noises to warn the
pilot if he seems to be heading too close to the edge of the runway
(i.e., is about to bump into someone). When a plane has an accident,
another tries to land. The goal is to get as many planes in safely as

Plan for Success:
Teach safe touch or no touch with this game. Crossing arms across the
chest works well. Be sure the classroom community is strong. This game
is good for middle to later in the year when trust is better