Community Level 1 – Acquainted


How to Play: One person is chosen to leave the room as the Detective. When the person is out of the room, the leader chooses one person to be the perpetrator of the mishap and he decides what the mishap is to be. Everyone has to think of an alibi for where they were when the mishap or crime took place. (E.g., The trash can was knocked over. The person was seen eating an éclair in an art museum.)

When the Detective returns, the leader tells her what crime has occurred. The Detective then goes around the circle asking each person for their alibi—”Where were you at the time of the crime?” Each player gives an alibi while the detective listens carefully. After the Detective has gone around the circle once, she goes around a second time in the same order as before, and asks the same question. Each person must give the exact same alibi as before except for the student who has been chosen as the guilty person. The guilty person changes their alibi slightly. For example, the first time the guilty person says, “I went to the park.” The second time the guilty person says, “I went to the pool.” The Detective gets three chances to guess the identity of the criminal. Afterward, a new Detective is chosen.

Plan for Success: Brainstorm a list of alibis before you play. Make sure students are aware they have to keep their alibis exactly the same, unless they are the ‘perp.’ This game teaches precision, concentration, and memory!

Variations: “Excuses” is a variation in which a request is made, and everyone gives an excuse for why they cannot do what is asked. All but one are honest and repeat their honest excuse accurately. It changes his excuse the second time around. Example: I need someone to babysit my little brother so I can go to a party. Will you do it?