Community Level 3 – Comfortable

Materials: None

How To Play: One player is chosen to be “It” or the caller. Players find and stand back-to-back with a partner. The caller says “Face-to-face,” and players turn around and stand face-to-face with another partner. The caller then says, “Back-to-back,” and players leave their partners and try to go back-to-back with another player. At the same time, “It” is calling out the back-to-back command; they are trying to find a back-to -back partner of their own. The person left without a partner becomes “It” and the process is repeated. The new caller says, “Face-to-face”, and then “Back-to-back,” as everyone scurries around to find a new back-to-back partner. You can change it up by calling face-to-face multiple times before calling back-to-back. This can also be a way to create partners for sharing and reflection.