Community Level 1 – Acquainted

Materials: None

How To Play: The first player tells about something he did
regarding his hobby: The next player tells the reason why: The third
player describes an effect: The next player starts with a new sentence
about his hobby or some other activity, real or imagined, and play
proceeds until all have contributed one or more statements.


Player 1: I baked cookies
Player 2: because it was my mom’s birthday
Player 3: and the kitchen was a mess, or and she really appreciated it.

New round:

Player 4: I polished my cello
Player 5: because it had been playing out of tune recently
Player 6: and now it looks great, but it still is out of tune!

Plan for Success: On the board or on chart paper, write the three steps required to complete each sentence:

Player 1: An action related to your hobby.
Player 2: A because statement that picks up on Player 1’s statement.
Player 3: An effect that might be created as a result of the first two statements.