Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: Large, open play space

How To Play: All but two players form pairs and stand facing the
same direction. The rear player holds onto the waist or shoulders of
the front player. The front player’s hands are free. These pairs are
randomly scattered in the playing area. One of the two free players is
the chaser (It) and the other is the pursued.

To avoid being tagged the pursued may run and dodge between the pairs or
must run in front of a pair. When the latter happens the front player
put her free hands on the waist or shoulders of the pursued and the rear
player becomes the new pursued.

If It tags the pursued, the two players reverse roles.

Plan for Success:
Model and practice safe passage through and around pairs. Discuss with
the students whether or not to allow a restaging time after a new
player becomes It.

Variations: This game is similar to Elbow Tag.