Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: 2 flags, rope or cones to mark boundaries

How To Play: Players form two teams. Create boundaries and a
line down the center of the playing space. The object of the game is for
one team to capture the other team’s flag and bring it safely across
the center line to its own side. Teams pick a spot approximately 200
steps from the middle boundary to place their flags and a spot within
their territories for a jail. At the starting signal, teams proceed to
cross into each other’s territory. If tagged in enemy territory, the
player must make his way to his opposition’s jail. Jails are often
guarded by players designated for this role before the action starts.
Players may make a jailbreak if tagged by a team member who crosses into
enemy territory for this purpose. A lot of the action of the game
focuses on trying to free captured members of your team.

If the flag is captured it must be carried across the center line before
a win can be declared, though it can be passed to another team member
before arriving at the line. If the flag stealer is caught, she is sent
to the jail and the flag is returned to its original spot.

Plan for Success:.
A used T-shirt or an old sock with a tennis ball inside make good
flags. Flags must be visible and easily reachable, i.e., not hidden up a
tree. Also, before starting, both teams should agree on a maximum
number of jailers allowed.