Community Level 1 – Acquainted

Materials: None

How To Play: Five players hold hands in a circle to create the
“trap.” One player is the cat, who stands a little away from the circle
with his back to the circle. The rest of the players are the mice, and
they stand in a circle around the trap.

The players forming the trap hold their joined hands up in the air. The
mice walk back and forth, in and out of the circle, continuously.
Suddenly, the cat turns around and shouts, “Snap!” signifying the trap
snapping shut. The students who are the trap quickly lower their arms,
trapping some of the mice in the center of the circle. The trapped mice
join hands with the trap circle, enlarging the circle. The game
continues until all but one mouse has been caught.

Plan for Success: Students model and practice how to quickly lower their arms in a safe manner without hitting other students.