Community Level 1 — Acquainted

Use these cheers to acknowledge an individual or a group, or to add energy to the close of an activity or lesson.

both arms straight out in front as if to make alligator jaws; at the signal, do
one big clap.

This cheer harkens back to the coffee shops of the 60’s. Snap
fingers in unison.

Raise hands to shoulder level, palms facing out, and wiggle fingers as you lower hands, imitating a sparkling movement.

High Five
Do high five around the circle, in partners, etc.

Invent Your Own
The best cheers will be the ones the students create. Have them design cheers that relate to the purpose of the acknowledgment. For example, to acknowledge somebody for helping her on the phone with homework, the student could mime picking up a phone, dialing, and then say, Thank you, homework help line!

Round of Applause
Clap while moving your hands in a circle parallel to your body (vertical plane).

Two Snaps Up
As a group, start with hands waist high. At the count, raise hands to shoulder height and snap once, then lower hands back to waist level. Raise hands again to shoulder height and snap again.