Community Level 3 – Comfortable

Materials: Two playground balls, outdoor space

How to Play: Half the players go into the center of the circle.
The other half forms a circle around them. Give two playground balls to
the outside circle. Players on the outside throw the ball and the
players in the center are out when the ball touches them from the waist
down. The players who are “out” become “in” and switch places with the
player who hit them with the ball. This variation makes the game
fast-paced and continuous.

Plan for Success:
Be sure to model and practice a safe throw. This game requires a high
level of self-control and is usually better played mid-year or late in
the year.

Variations: Cooperative Dodgeball-Players form a
circle. Use a beach ball. Two players are in center. One player is the
target and may not touch the ball. The other is the guard and can use
his hands or feet to keep target from being hit. The player who hits
the target becomes the guard, the guard becomes the target, and the
target rejoins the group circle.

A chair may be used for the target instead of a person. Whoever hits the chair becomes the guard.