Materials: None

How To Play-Common Ground: Players circle up and form partners or small groups. Partners or groups discover commonalities among them by taking turns asking each other questions e.g. How many brothers do you have? Do you like pizza? What month were you born?  and list as many as commonalities they can in a brief, predetermined amount of time (2-3 minutes). Group members share a few of their discovered commonalities with another group. The teams can then be mixed up and the game played again. A greater challenge would be to make larger group sizes.

Plan for Success: Use role play to model what players can do to encourage the participation of a group member who appears reluctant to contribute to the brainstorming portion of the activity. Role play can also give players ideas for dealing with a group member who dominates the brainstorming session.

Variations-Uncommon Commonalties:
Each group chooses from among its commonalities the 2 it thinks are the most uncommon, ones that no other group will likely have. The groups share these selected few with the class. The goal of the game is to find commonalties unique to each group (and uncommon to other groups e.g., all group members like to ice skate, or have had a rabbit as a pet).