Community Level 1 – Acquainted

Materials: Names of objects printed on note cards prepared ahead of time

How To Play: Divide class into groups and hand out note cards
with objects named. Players “build” their object using only the members
of the group. For example, groups could build a bus, a helicopter, a
merry-go-round, and a waterfall. The group configurations can be
moveable or stationary. Groups share one configuration at a time while
the rest of the class guesses what the object is.

Plan for Success:
Like all trust-building activities, this game presents problems or
obstacles that challenge groups mentally and/or physically. All
participants must work together to accomplish the tasks safely and
completely. There is always a facilitator with the group, helping them
with teamwork objectives, problem-solving and group processing.

Begin with simple configurations and gradually increase complexity as skill builds.

Variations: Players can add sounds or gestures to animate their creations.

Class brainstorms different categories and objects to configure. Events
of nature are fun subjects to try. Categories can also be selected to
fit curricula.