Community Level 3 – Comfortable

Materials: Construction paper; envelopes-one per student

How To Play: Divide the class into groups of 5. Create a set of 5
squares made from construction paper for each group. Keeping the sets
together, cut each square into 3 pieces, scramble the pieces, and then
place sets of 3 mismatched pieces into envelopes. Each player in a
group receives one of these envelopes containing 3 pieces. At this
point, each group has five players; each player in a group has an
envelope containing 3 pieces of cut up squares. The pieces from a
single envelope do not make a square, but when swapped with other pieces
in their group, a square can be reformed.

The group players open their envelopes and endeavor to gain the matching
pieces from the other players in their group. There is no talking or
gesturing until are squares are completed. Players may give up pieces
to other players, but they may not take pieces or request pieces
(verbally or non-verbally). Players may not put their pieces in the
center for others; pieces may only be given directly to individual group

Plan for Success:
Model and practice the proper way to share pieces within a group. For
younger students, demonstrate what a properly completed square looks

Variations: After skill increases, time the activity.
Groups work to improve their cooperation and thereby their speed in
completing the squares.