Community Level 3 – Comfortable

Materials: String or chalk

How To Play: Using string or chalk, create a center line in the
space. Starting in one, big line, players break into teams of 4 to 6.
Teams line up facing each other across the room or space. For example,
there could be 3 teams of 4 per side, each competing against a team on
the opposite side. Each player’s feet are touching the sides of the
adjacent players’ feet.

The goal is for the teams on one side of the space to reach the center
marker before the teams from the other side. This requires a plan for
coordinated walking within the teams. You can use this team-competition
version to help teach sportsmanship in winning and losing. See
cooperative versions below.

Plan for Success:
Like all trust-building activities, this game presents problems or
obstacles that challenge groups mentally and/or physically. All
participants must work together to accomplish the tasks safely and
completely. There is always a facilitator with the group, helping them
with teamwork objectives, problem-solving and group processing.

Variations: Both sides try to reach the center in the
shortest amount of time without breaking contact with feet. Teams can
make suggestions and help each improve their time.

Players start in one long line on one side of the space. Teams of 4 to 6
players are strung out together along this line. If a team member
breaks contact with another, she and her team members go back to the
starting point and begin again. Begin with smaller teams and gradually
move toward larger teams as skill increases.