Community Level 1 – Acquainted

Materials: Large, plastic cups, one for each player

How To Play: Seated in a circle on the floor, start with cups
upside down in front of players. Perform the following movements and
sounds in unison.

Beat 1: clap
Beat 2: clap
Beat 3: tap cup bottom twice
Beat 4: tap cup bottom once
Beat 5: clap
Beat 6: raise cup a few inches off floor
Beat 7: place cup down again
Beat 8: rest

Beat 1: clap
Beat 2: grasp cup with right hand
Beat 3: “pop” the open end of cup against the left palm held flat
Beat 4: place cup down, upside down
Beat 5: lift cup to place its bottom in the left palm. Grasp cup with left hand.
Beat 6: slap floor with right hand
Beat 7: using left hand, pass the cup in front of person on right. Place cup upside down.
Beat 8: rest

Plan for Success:
Use plastic tumbler cups. Paper cups are too fragile and noisy. To
begin, move to a slow beat and teach the first part first, passing the
cups to the right on the up/down motion.

Variations: With practice, players can advance to invent songs, chants, and new passing patterns.