Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: None

How To Play: Make a circle of chairs with one less chair than
there are players. Players sit in the chairs and one player stands in
the middle of the circle. The player in the middle approaches a seated
player and asks, “Do you like your neighbor?” The seated player looks
to the right and then left and replies, “Yes, I like my neighbor, _____
(name of player seated to the right) and I like my neighbor, ____ (name
of player seated to the left) but I also like,____,” filling in the
blank with a category such as chocolate ice cream. Everyone who fits
the stated category quickly finds a new place to sit. The one player who
does not find a seat now stands in the center of the circle and starts
the process over again.

Plan for Success:
This lively activity is a great way for children to learn about each
other and what they have in common with classmates. Steer students away
from categories that focus on clothing or appearance and toward
categories such as interests, hobbies, and family. You could brainstorm a
list of categories before beginning the activity.

Model and practice safe movement across the circle and Tagger’s Choice
rule for deciding on ties. This game can be played with an equal number
of chairs and students in order to teach safety or review the process of
the game. This version also works well with younger students when first
learning the game.