Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: None

How To Play: Players are in a circle. One player begins making
dance gestures while saying, “This is the way to do the Rumba.”
Everyone mimics the action. The next player says, “No, this is the way
to do the Rumba” and adds another action. The group adds the second
move to the first, mimicking both moves. The third player says, “No,
this is the way to do the Rumba,” adding a new gesture. The group
repeats all three actions in order and the game progresses in this
manner around the circle.

Plan for Success:
Give students time to think of the action. A four count beat is
helpful so that the actions follow a more predictable rhythm around the

Variations: When first introducing this game it may be
helpful for large groups of players to make up gestures together. The
game moves faster around the circle and players are not put on the spot
to create their own action.