Community Level 1 – Acquainted

Materials: Large outdoor space marked with game boundaries

How To Play: All players form pairs, except for two. Pairs stand
side-by-side, hands on hips and elbows hooked together. Pairs randomly
scatter in the playing area. Of the unpaired players, one is the chaser
(It) and the other is the tagee. Simple tag is played with the two
free players and they switch roles as the It tags the tagee. To avoid
being tagged the tagee can run between the pairs with hooked arms or
hook onto the free elbow of any player. Now the tagee is safe as is the
player with whom she hooked elbows, but the other half of that pair now
must run away from It or be tagged.

Plan for Success:
Review safe tagging (shoulders, back, arms) and the Tagger’s Choice
rule (if the tagger says she got you, she did). Model and practice safe
hooking of elbows and movement (walking or running) within the

Variations: See Hand-Shoulder Tag for a slightly different version of this game.