Community Level 1 — Acquainted

Materials: None

How To Play:  Select a caller. When the caller says, “Everybody’s
It”, students chase each other. When one student tags another, the
tagged student remains frozen. If two students tag each other at the
same time, they can decide whether to freeze or keep running.
After a few minutes or when a lot of people are frozen, the caller
shouts “Everybody’s It” again and all students are unfrozen and running

Plan for Success:
Be sure that the boundaries are small (at first) and well defined. You
can gradually increase the play space when students are successful with
the game. Model how to run with students. Sometimes the power walk works
well with students.  Remember also to model and practice a safe touch
and the Tagger’s Choice rule (if the tagger says he got you, he did). 

Variations:  Start with Partner Tag where students tag
back and forth to get used to tagging.  Everybody’s It is best after
students are comfortable with cooperative play and have good