Community Level 3 – Comfortable

Materials Needed: A large, flat outdoor or indoor space, a kickball, five bases, and a pitching circle

How To Play: Games are 16 minutes long, with a one-minute
changeover session, when teams switch from fielding to kicking. Fielding
team switches pitchers every two minutes, preferably rotating between
boys and girls. Pitching must be done from a designated circle, and
pitches must be rolled as “flat” as possible. Strike zone is wide, the
equivalent of the width of a free throw lane on a basketball court (12
feet). Ground-rule (automatic) double is awarded to kicker if a pitch
bounces or crosses home plate area outside the strike zone.

Kicking team lines up single file and remains in this order throughout
its allotted time. Kicking team tries to score as many runs as possible
during its eight minutes. A team keeps kicking regardless of the number
of outs recorded against it, but a player who is out has to come off the
bases and go to the end of the kicking line. Base runners can advance
to the next base even if the fielding team catches a fly ball-no tagging
up is necessary. There is no limit to the number of runners on base;
more than one runner may share the same base. Runners must stop running
when the fielding team gets the ball to the pitcher in the pitcher’s
circle. A run is scored by running around all five bases without getting

Fielding team must stay behind the pitcher’s circle until the ball is kicked. Fielding team records an out:

  • when a ball is caught after it has bounced off a wall or ceiling
  • when a runner is forced out at first base, i.e., when the ball
    gets to a fielder near first base who grabs it and steps on the base
    before the runner arrives (tie goes to the runner)
  • when a batter misses two pitches; when a batter kicks two foul balls
  • when a batter misses a pitch and then kicks a foul ball
  • when a runner is tagged by the ball while not touching a base
  • when a runner runs out of the baseline
  • when a runner slides or dives while running
  • when a runner leads off base or leaves base before the ball is kicked