Community Level 3 – Comfortable

Materials Needed: A football; a large, flat outdoor or indoor
space with identifiable sidelines, a midfield line, and goal lines; a
whistle; a coin

How To Play: Teams line up on opposite sidelines. The first five
players on each team enter the playing field and line up along their
team’s designated goal line. A coin toss determines which team receives
the ball first. The leader blows the whistle. The team that loses the
coin toss kicks off from near its goal line to the other team. All
kickoffs are thrown, not kicked. The kickoff must make it past midfield
to count. The receiving team picks up the ball and play begins. These
five players proceed to play one series of offense (and one of defense).
A series is one set of “downs,” or four plays. Each individual play
begins when the leader blows a whistle, rather than with the quarterback
saying “hike” or “hut.”

1 point for each completed pass
6 points for a touchdown
3 points for a defensive interception
4 points for a safety

Each play in a series must be a pass play (no running plays). A play
ends when a pass is incomplete, when a player is tagged by an opponent
with one hand, when the ball is advanced by one team across the other
team’s goal line (this is commonly referred to as a touchdown) or when
one team tags another team’s ball carrier behind its own goal line (this
is called a safety, and is rare). Leader determines where and if a
player was tagged to avoid arguments. If a pass is intercepted or a team
scores before their four plays have been completed, their series ends.

Short kickoff (one that doesn’t make it past midfield). Consequence: rekick, behind goal line.

Offsides (crossing the line of scrimmage before the whistle blows to start a play). Consequence: team sits on floor until whistle starts the following play.

Poor sportsmanship. Consequence: first time-team lies on belly
until whistle starts the following play; second time-player breaking
rule is not allowed to play in future tournament games.

Spiking the ball. Consequence: team lies on backs until whistle starts the following play.

Intentional blocking/physical contact. Point deduction: 3 points.

Non-negotiable rule. Students who repeatedly play out of control or with poor sportsmanship will not be allowed to play in future tournament games!

After each group has played a series, they move to the end of the line
on the sideline and the second group of five players on each team takes
the field for one series each, and so on, until everyone on each team
has had a chance to play.