To build the skills of perspective-taking

This activity works best with topics on which students have a variety of opinions; current events in particular work well.

Corners or areas of the room are labeled with the signs: “Agree,” “Disagree,” “Somewhat agree”, “Somewhat disagree.” The leader makes
statements about a chosen topic. With each statement, students move to
the sign which corresponds to their response. Before making the next
statement, the leader can ask several students to explain why they chose
that specific corner.

Topic: Energy conservation
Hybrid cars are the best way to save energy.
We save energy in this school.
I save energy in my home.
I would give up some of my personal comfort to safe energy.

Topic: Wildlife management
We should try to manage wildlife.
Hunters should have more say about wildlife management.
Deer should be hunted year-round.
Deer should not be hunted.

Signs to label corners

Five to ten minutes for each topic