Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: A chart or chalkboard

How To Play: This is a fun activity which encourages listening
and mathematical quickness from students. Sitting in a circle, one
player begins by saying, “1 frog” and each player says the next line on
the chart. The number of frogs increases each time you begin again. (See
the example below) The only line which stays the same and does not
increase in number is the one titled “into a puddle.” This activity can
continue until you reach 10 frogs or until you choose to stop.

Student 1: “1 frog”
Student 2: “2 eyes”
Student 3: “4 legs”
Student 4: “jumped”
Student 5: “into a puddle”
Student 6: “kerplunk”

Student 7: “2 frogs”
Student 8: “4 eyes”
Student 9: “8 legs”
Student 10: “jumped”
Student 11: “jumped”
Student 12: “into a puddle”
Student 13: “kerplunk”
Student 14: “kerplunk”

Plan for Success: You may want to have the starting words of the chant on a chart or the chalkboard for students to see during the activity.

Variations/Extensions: After everyone has had a chance to participate, follow up by asking students the following questions:
“What did they notice about the activity?”
“What skills did they have to use (listening, multiples or multiplication of numbers, paying attention, cooperation, etc)?”
“What was fun about the activity?”
“How can they help one another when they play this game?”