Community Level 1 – Acquainted

Materials: None

How To Play: Leader decides on a category. He says, “I am going
camping and I’m bringing___________,” and names one item in that
category without revealing the category itself. Players try to guess
the category by adding items appropriate to the category. Players
continue guessing until all players have demonstrated they understand
the category.

Example: Leader selects sports equipment as her category. Leader says,
“I am going camping and I’m bringing my football.” Players raise their
hands and make guesses at the category. Player One says, “I am going
camping and I would like to bring my hat.” The leader decides whether
Player One’s guess is part of the category. If it is, the leader says
“Yes, you can bring that camping.” If it does not fit the category, the
leader says “I’m sorry, you can’t bring that camping.” Players
continue to guess by adding items that fit the category until all
players have demonstrated they know the category. At this point, the
leader can reveal the category.

Plan for Success:
Before beginning the activity, you may want to brainstorm some
possible categories with the class. Start with a simple category in the
first round.

Variations: You could do this activity with states.
“I’m going on a trip and I’m going to the state of Maine.” Some of the
categories you might use for states could include regions, landforms,
and same starting letters.