Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: Index cards and pencils

How To Play: Leader passes a blank index card to each player and
invites players to write answers to three questions. Leader collects
cards and reads aloud each player’s answers. Players listen to answers
on each card and guess who wrote them.

Example questions:
“What are three things we should know about you?”
“What is your favorite pizza topping?”
“What is your favorite school subject?”
“What career do you want someday?”
“If you could meet anyone, who would it be?”
“If you could go anywhere, where would you go?”
“What is a hobby you have?”
“What is one wish you have?”

Plan for Success:
Include non-threatening questions: “What is your favorite pizza
topping?” as well as more challenging questions: “What is a career
possibility for you?” Before playing, tell players their answers will
be made public.


Reading: This game can be played without questions. Using clues
from a story they have read, players can list qualities of a character
or things about him they learned from the story. As players share their
cards, the rest of the group has to guess which character is being
described. This game allows players to search for important details from
the story to write down on the cards.

Writing: Can also be played as a spark to a writing activity
that involves gathering information. If players are working on
interviewing others for biographies, they can use the “Getting to Know
You” cards to get them started thinking about personal attributes or
information, and then brainstorm a list of other interview questions
they might ask their subject.

Lining Up: Leader reads the cards. Players line up when they
hear themselves being described. The group may want to name who is
being described as she walks to the line.