Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: None

How to Play: Seat players in a circle. This activity is both a game and a greeting.

Game, 2 Variations:
Hands up for ’08! Variation: This is a chanting and rhythm game.
Once the rhythm is established, name a category and choose a player to
begin the activity. The whole group begins the chant below, filling in
the name of the category in the fourth line. The last line names a
player who then quickly names an item in the category. If a player
misses by repeating or taking more than a few seconds, the activity
starts over again with the chant naming the player who is next in the
circle. The object is to get all the way around the circle without a

Hands up (clap,clap)
For ’07 (clap, clap)
Gonna name (clap, clap)
Some name category(clap, clap)
One apiece (clap, clap)
No repeats (clap, clap)
No hesitation (clap, clap)
No duplication (clap, clap)
Starting with (clap, clap) Player’s name

Be sure to change the date each year!

Hands up! Variation: This chant omits the year and presents a more challenging rhythm of two leg slaps followed by two finger snaps.

Hands up (leg slap, leg slap)
For(name topic) (snap, snap)
Gonna name (slap, slap)
One apiece (snap, snap)

No hesitation (slap, slap)
No duplication (snap, snap)
Gonna start (slap, slap)
with (name a player) (snap, snap)

Within a chosen topic, on a leg slap, each player named must state items
that are related to the topic, trying to make no repeats.

Topic: Hands up for good books
Player 1: Hatchet (slap, slap)
Player 2: Harry Potter (slap, slap)

Topic: Hands up for equivalent ΒΌ fractions
Player 1: 30/120ths (slap, slap)
Player 2: 2/8ths (slap, slap)
Player 3: 25/100ths (slap, slap)

Topic: Hands up for insects
Player 1: Wasp (slap, slap)
Player 2: Dung Beetle (slap, slap)
Player 3: Ladybug (slap, slap)

Greeting: The teacher names a category, such as “everyone who had
cereal for breakfast.” The students who are in this category go into
the middle and greet everyone there by saying, “Good morning, ____.”
Everyone in the middle must greet everyone else. This continues until
everyone has been greeted.

Plan for Success:
Write out the chant phrases to help the students learn the words.
Teachers and/or students can chose the topic for the game. Working
individually, students can brainstorm items within the topic before play