Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: None

How to Play: One child leaves the room and will be it or the
guesser. Each child thinks of an animal and the sound that animal might
make. One child in the room is selected to be the hippopotamus. The
teacher can make this selection in public or private.

It goes around the circle and asks each child “who are you?”
Each child answers by making their animal’s sound and saying “I am a ……”
When the child answers “Hippo” everybody changes chairs. The one
remaining in the middle will be the guesser for the next round.

Plan for Success:
Model and practice safe movement in the circle. Problem solve what to
do when more than one player comes to a chair at the same time. This
game requires quite a bit of self control and if students do not follow
safety rules the game ends.

Variations: You could do this with types of weather, machines, or any category of things that make distinct sounds.