Community Level 1 – Acquainted

Materials: None

How To Play: Everyone sits in the circle with one extra, open
chair. Students say the chant in order around the circle. The chant
can go either direction, but always starts with the person next to the
empty chair. As they say their words, they move into the empty chair.
1st student: “I sit” (moves)
2nd student: “In the grass” (moves)
3rd Student: “With my friend ____.” (name person across the circle to come and take the empty chair next to them)

After each round of the chant, there will be an empty chair from which
the chant and the movement start again. The object is to go quickly and
allow everyone to move.

Plan for Success:
Decide the direction (left or right) that the students will move before
the game starts. It will pick up in speed and require greater
listening skills.

Variations: This could become a greeting by changing
the words to “I say good morning to my friend _____.” Also, you could
change the words to fit the season, for example:
“I sit in the leaves…”
“I sit in the flowers…”
“I sit in the snow…”