Community Level 1 – Acquainted

Materials: Large outdoor space marked with game boundaries

How To Play: The field or gym is marked off with a center line
and two safe lines, one for each team, placed approximately 15 giants
steps from the center line. To begin the game each team starts standing
behind its safe lines. The first team starts the action by huddling
and deciding on an occupation, for example carpenters. When ready, both
teams’ players line up with their arms over the shoulders of their
teammates and face the opposing team and exchange the following call and

1st Team: “Here we come!” (three giant steps forward)
2nd Team: “Where from?” (two giant steps forward)
1st Team: Two giant steps forward and answers: “New York!”
2nd Team: “What’s your trade?” (three giant steps forward)
1st Team: “Lemonade!” (two giant steps forward)
2nd Team: “Show us some if you’re not afraid!” while taking as
many steps as needed to close the space between the two teams to
approximately two feet from the center of the playing area.

The call and response is done to the steps taken, one step per word or
syllable except when the final adjustment steps are taken.

Next, the players on the first team players lower their arms and begin
individually pantomiming the team’s chosen occupation (in this example,
carpenter). The second team players lower their arms, get ready to run,
and begin to guess out loud what they think the first team is doing.
When the first team hears someone on the second team yell the correct
guess (“Carpenter!”), the first team turns and races for its safe line
before being tagged by someone on the second team.

All players who are tagged before crossing the safe line are captured
and must join the opposite team. They have now become loyal players for
their new team in the next round. Both teams return to opposite ends
of the playing area and switch roles. This time the second team will
pick an occupation and begin the call and response.

Plan for Success:
Review safe tagging (shoulders, back, arms) and the Tagger’s Choice
rule (if the tagger says she got you, she did). Model and practice safe
movement (walk or run) within the boundaries. Before starting the game,
brainstorm with the class a list of several different occupations.
Since there is no formal ending or winner in this game the leader should
end the game while it is still fun.