Paper (3 pieces of paper for each person playing) 
A container to hold the pieces of paper

How To Play: 

Have students or teacher create slips of paper with words or phrases related to the topic of study. Fold them in half them put them in the container.

Round 1: Taboo

In this first round, the player tries to have his/her teammates guess the word on the paper using only use words and sentences as hints, without using any motions, “sounds like…”, or spelling hints. (For example, if the word is “ribs”, the person can say “baby back ___”).

The person tries to have their team guess as many words as they can within one minute. If the team is unable to guess the word/phrase, the person has the option to “pass”, puts the word/phrase back into the container and continues with a new word/phrase. The person can only pass once during his/her one minute.

After one minute, Team A counts the number of successfully guessed words/phrases. Each guessed word/phrase counts as one point. Team B is next, and selects a volunteer from their team to start. A person from Team A will watch the timer, to be set at one minute. This alternating process can continue until all of the words from the container run out or after one round.

Round 2: Password
In this round, the person can use only one word as a hint for their team to guess. (For example, if the word is “ribs”, the person can say the word “bone”).

Round 3: Charades
In this final round, the person needs to act and use motions as hints for their team to guess the word/phrase. (For example, if the word is “ribs”, the person can point to their rib cage).


  • Events leading to the American Revolution
  • Vocabulary from our current novel
  • The water cycle

Plan for Success:
Explain the rules for each round of play. You may want to post them to refer to at each round.

Break the class into 3 groups. Each group play the game at that station, then rotates to the next station (Taboo, Password, Charades)