Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: None

How To Play: Players sit in a circle on chairs. The player who
is chosen to be It stands inside the circle facing another player and
says, “May I borrow some fire?” The player answers, “Go to my neighbor.”
It continues to move around the circle, asking the same question to
each player in the circle; responders continue to answer, “Go to my
neighbor.” Meanwhile, the players are trading seats with each other in
this manner: two players make eye contact with each other before they
trade seats, and must commit to moving to the seat of the player with
whom they make eye contact. It tries to sit down in one of the chairs
temporarily vacated by the seat-traders. When she is successful, the
seat-trader stuck without a chair becomes the new It.

If It is having a hard time catching the participants getting a seat,
one of the players may scream, “The whole house is on fire!” as a
response to It’s question. Then everyone in the circle must change
places-which gives It a better chance to sit down.

Plan for Success:
Model and practice safe chair changing before playing this game. One
way to model this is to tap both hands on your new seat as you’re about
to sit down, thereby “claiming” it. In addition, model walking quickly
(but not running) as you exchange seats.

Variations: See also “Kitty Wants a Corner” and “Is This Seat Taken?”