Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: None

How To Play: Players form a circle and number off, 1-5. “Ones”
go in the center of the circle and play the role of “mice” while the
others hold hands to form the “mouse trap.” When leader says, “Mouse
trap, open!” interlocked hands are raised high, and mice begin weaving
in and out of the circle. When leader says, “Mouse trap, close!”
interlocked hands are lowered, trapping any mice inside the circle. The
mice safely outside the circle repeat the weaving process after the
leader repeats the “open” command while those that were trapped inside
move to the center of the circle and remain there. The last mouse left
outside the circle is the winner for that round. The game continues
with groups 2-5 taking their turns as mice.

Plan for Success:
Model how to raise and lower interlocked hands and arms safely. The
mice must be constantly weaving in and out of the circle rather than
deliberately try to be out of the trap when “mouse trap, close!” is