Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: Spelling, vocabulary, or frequently-used words on flashcards

How to Play: Players spell names or words while moving their bodies. For example:
for tall letters, such as T, L, and B, players stretch their arms up;
for middle placement letters, such as E, A, and N, players hold their arms straight out;
for letters that extend below the line, such as G, P, and Y, players touch their toes.

Plan for Success:
Start with simple movements that all students have modeled and
practiced. Practice a few movements with the whole group, then in small
groups, before having individuals pantomime the words.

Variations: Other actions could be created by players.
For example, players could play basketball with word parts, dribble
vowels, shoot consonants, etc. Multiple actions could be created to fit
a theme or content area.