Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: Cards with bragging activities written on them.

How to Play: Make up about 20-30 sentences in present perfect tense
describing various activities about which one could brag (for example:
“I’ve eaten lunch with Al Gore”). Students draw a slip of paper with a
bragging activity on it. She says it aloud to the group and they try to
outdo her by thinking up a statement which would be more impressive.
When they can not come up with something more impressive, they say WOW
and move on to the next statement.

S1: “I’ve eaten lunch with Al Gore.”
S2: “Oh yeah! I’ve eaten lunch with Bill Clinton!”
S3: “Oh, yeah! I’ve eaten lunch with Gore and Clinton!”
S4: “Oh yeah! I’ve eaten Gore and Clinton for lunch!”

Plan for Success:
Model appropriate examples. If an inappropriate statement is said,
that player is given a break. If several players give inappropriate
statements the game ends. Be sure students have some understanding of
what is written on the bragging cards.

Variations: Have students write bragging cards based on a current or recent unit of study.