Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: None

How to Play: The player who is chosen to be It leaves the playing
area while the rest of the players decide on a predicament. For
example, you’ve jumped from an airplane and your chute fails to open. It
returns and asks players, “What would you do?” They respond with their
ideas. They may reply; “I’d scream!” It has three guesses to figure out
the original predicament. There is no limit to the number of players It
can ask.
A sample game may go something like this:
It returns and asks “What would you do?”
Player 1: “I’d scream!”
Player 2: “I’d try the emergency one.”
It guesses: “Are you in an elevator that’s falling?”
Group answers: “No!”
Player 3: “I’d close my eyes and review my life.”
Player 4: “I’d aim for a river.”
It guesses right and the group says “Yes!”

Plan for Success: Brainstorm predicaments for the group to use before starting the game.