Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: An object that can be easily passed (a small ball or stuffed animal).

How to Play: The first It stands in the circle and hands an
object to a player of her choice. That player says the letter “A” and
passes the object to an adjacent player, who says “B”, and so on through
the alphabet. When It decides to, she points to the player who has just
spoken a letter. For instance, the It points to the player who has just
said the letter “F.” That player continues to pass the object but
letters are no longer spoken. Immediately, the letter “F” player must
name six nouns beginning with the letter “F.” She must complete the list
before the object passes completely around the circle back to her. If
she does not name six nouns in time she becomes It. If successful, the
original It remains It and starts the game over again.

Plan for Success:
In order to support students who may have a hard time thinking of nouns
beginning with the said letter, direct the class’s attention to a word
wall or some other visual word chart. Establish “give away” rules,
meaning, one person talks at a time and there are no “give aways” unless
the player needs help and asks. If a player forgets the give away rule
and says an answer out of turn he is given a break.