Community Level 1 – Acquainted

Materials: None

How To Play: Players start standing in a circle. One player is in the middle and starts the Purple Stew chant:

“I’m making a purple stew ba ba ba stew ba ba ba
I’m making a purple Scooby dooby dooby doo
With purple tomatoes and purple potatoes and YOU!”

On the word “YOU!” the player in the middle points to someone. The
player picked joins the singing chant, chooses someone on “YOU,” and
moves to the center. Players continue to say the chant together until
everyone is chosen and all players are in the center.

Plan for Success: Talk with students about being last. For younger students, a printed chart with the chant on it might be helpful.

Variations: Use this activity as a greeting and have players greet the person they point to on “You!”