Community Level 1 – Acquainted

Materials: None

How To Play: Divide the class into four teams. Ask each team to
line up with one facing the leader and the other teams facing the
leader’s back, left and right of the leader. Each round begins when the
leader moves and/or rotates. When the leader stops and says “Quick
line-up,” each team must reassemble in the same order. Therefore, each
team member must remember two things: 1) their position relative to
teammates and 2) their position to the leader (i.e. facing, to the left,
right, or in back). The quickest team in correct order can simply
cheer or earn a point, if working toward a preset score to win the game.
Players may not hold on to others when moving.

Plan for Success: After the first round, teachers can ask students to reflect on the game experience and strategize:
Which strategies worked best to line-up quickly and/or correctly?
How did your teammates help you to be successful?