Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: None

How To Play: Players partner up; each team creates a pair of
rhyming words that can be acted out, as in the game “Charades.” For
example: log, hog; fly, shy, etc. The “clue” word–“log,” for example–will help the group guess the “key” word-“dog.”
One team tells its clue word to the group. Then the team acts out its
key word and the other teams try to guess it. When the key word is
correctly guessed, the acting team points to the team that guessed
correctly and that team gets a turn to give its clue word and act out
its key word. If the team that guesses right has already had a turn, it
can pick the next team.

Plan for Success: Partners may want to have more than one group of rhyming words ready to use in case another group uses the same words.