Community Level 3 – Comfortable

Materials: Beanbags 5 colors

How To Play: Players stand in a circle and number off from one to
five. Leader explains the beanbags are royal jewels which need to be
guarded for the royal family and places the beanbags in the center of
the circle on the floor.

The names of the jewels are:
Red = ruby
Purple = amethyst
Blue = amber
Yellow = gold
Orange = amber

Leader designates a beanbag color for the players’ numbers, for example:
1= ruby, 2 = amethyst, etc. Leader also designates a guard. The
guard goes in the middle and stands around the beanbags. The guard
cannot lie on, or step on the beanbags in the center. When the guard
calls a color or numbers the players whose number is called come into
the middle and try to steal the jewel. The guard tries to tag the
players who are attempting to steal the jewel. If a player gets tagged
before stealing the beanbag, he must go back to the circle for that
round, but may return the next time his number is called. The jewel is
stolen whenever a player with that number picks up the beanbag without
being tagged. She takes the beanbag back to her spot in the circle, and
the guard calls another color or number. The process repeats until all
the beanbags are stolen from the middle.

Plan for Success:
It is helpful to write numbers on the beanbags so younger students can
go in the middle when their number is called. It can be difficult to
remember a color and a number.

Model and practice safe tagging (shoulders, back, arms) and the Tagger’s Choice rule (if the tagger says he got you, he did).