Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: None

How To Play: Students stand in a circle. The leader of the group
calls out directions for the group to follow. When the leader says
“ceiling,” everyone looks at the ceiling. Then she says, “toes,” and
players look at their toes. Finally, she says, “eyes,” and participants
look across the circle. If two players make eye contact with each
other across the circle, they throw their hands up, scream, and sit
down. There may be more than one pair that make eye contact and scream.
The game continues with the caller saying the three commands, players
making eye contact, screaming and sitting down. The game ends when
everyone is sitting down.

Plan for Success: Play in an area where noise is okay.

Variations: Say “dude” instead of screaming at each
other when eyes meet. This way of playing seems to be more effective
and comfortable with older kids.