Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: Two sets of cards

How To Play:Prepare two sets of cards. On one set of cards write
math vocabulary words, for example, even numbers, odd numbers, prime
numbers, multiple of fives. On the other set of cards write numbers
(every number different). Every player is given a number card. One
student stands in the center of the circle with the category cards. The
other players sit in chairs on the outside of the circle. There is a
chair for all players except for the one standing in the center of the
circle. The player in the center chooses a category card and says,
“Shake it up if your number is______ (e.g., a prime number).” The
players whose numbers fit into that category and the caller shake it up
and try to find a new chair to sit in. There will then probably be a
new caller in the center of the circle.

Plan for Success: Model and practice the scramble for chairs so that it is safe and courteous before playing this game.

Variations: Use content matter other than math for your
categories. For example you can have cards that list States of the
U.S., Holidays Around the World, or Parts of the Body.