Community Level 1 – Acquainted

Materials: Pieces of 9′ elastic for each group; blindfolds (optional)

How To Play: In groups of 4 to 6, players use a 9′ piece of
elastic to recreate a drawn geometric shape as exactly as possible. The
groups are shown a series of figures, one at a time; the figures are
progressively more challenging. All players must have contact with the
elastic at all times. Groups are given an unlimited time and all groups
must finish. Finished groups can assist or observe other groups.

Plan for Success:
Like all team-building activities, this game presents problems or
obstacles that challenge groups mentally and/or physically. All
participants must work together to accomplish the tasks safely and
completely. There is always a facilitator to work with the group,
helping them deal with teamwork objectives, problem solving and group

Brainstorm shape possibilities before the game begins. A more simple
shape series could be: square, circle, hexagon, etc. A more complex
series could involve intersecting shapes or shapes within shapes.

Variations: Rather than instructing finished groups to observe or assist others, say nothing and watch what happens among group dynamics.

Give groups a time allotment (approximately 2 minutes) to complete the figure.

Blindfold all but one group member. The seeing member guides the other
players to create the shapes through verbal instruction only-no

Groups join forces to create intersecting shapes.