– A ball that can be passed around the circle
– A list of words with the sh- or the sha- sound at the beginning of the

How to play: 
Form a large circle.
Choose a caller,
who stands outside the circle.
Choose a referee, who stands inside the circle.

The caller faces away from
the circle, so s/he can’t see the players. Players silently pass the ball from person to person around the circle.
After a few passes, the caller calls out, “Shazam!” and the ball stops instantly.

The referee identifies the
person who was holding the ball when “shazam was called, and that person steps outside the
circle for the rest of the round. The holder’s spot is left empty—the circle
does not move in—which creates a gap in the circle. The distance widens between
players as more and more players step out of the circle. If a gap is too large
for the passer to simply hand the ball to the next player, the passer must walk
over to the nearest receiver and hand him the ball, leaving her original spot
to stand next to the receiver. Thus the players must walk farther to give the
ball to another player! 

The referee
also calls out anyone who talks, drops the ball, or throws
the ball.

Play continues until all but one are

To make
the game more challenging,
the caller
may use any word on the word list below to confuse the players passing the
ball. Example: If the Caller says shampoo, players continue to pass
the ball around the circle. If a player stops passing the ball on any word
other than shazam, that
player is out.

Sample Word List

Shaquille O’Neal

She sells seashells by the sea

Shampoo and conditioner 

Shake and Bake


Shampooed shaggy sheep 

Shake Rattle & Roll

Shitake mushrooms 


Shaggy and Scooby Doo


Shama-lama-ding dong


Shark attack 


She’ll be comin’ round the

Shoefly pie 

Shiver me timbers!


Contributed by: Barbara Forshag