Community Level 3 – Comfortable

Materials: Large, open space; hula hoops (preferably of different sizes) or pieces of rope to create circles

How to Play: Begin the game with many circles of rope within the
set boundaries. Everyone is milling around among the circles. On the
signal, everyone must get both feet off the area outside the circles.
It is a whole-group success, not a competition to see who can get in a
circle first. No foot can be touching the ground outside of a circle,
but a player could have a foot in two different circles, or a foot could
be suspended in the air. Each time the leader gives the signal,
everyone must move out of the circles, mill around, and upon the call to
find a piece of the world to stand in, find another spot. Between
signals, as players are moving around, the leader removes a circle or
two so the world keeps shrinking and the challenge to get everyone onto a
safe piece of land is greater. The game is over when the leader
decides that the group has consolidated itself as much as possible or

Plan for Success:
This is a game that takes a fairly high trust and safety level with
each other. As the circles disappear, students have to share tighter
and tighter spaces which may make them uncomfortable depending on the
age or group of children.

Variations: Play the game with different sized hula
hoops or different sized rope circles. Also you can vary the degree to
which you shrink the world, depending upon how comfortable students are
with packing in close together. Relate to the shrinking space in the
circles to aspects of your curricula that address shrinking environments
for species or depleted resources.