Community Level 1 – Acquainted

Materials: Note cards for every student

How To Play: Leader selects a player to be It. Players write
their names on note cards. When the leader says, “Shuffle ’em up!”
players switch cards with one or more other players, and then hold out
their cards in front of them. It stands in the middle of the circle so
he can read all the names, and as fast as he can, rearranges the cards
in players’ hands so that each player is once again holding the card
with his or her correct name. When all names correctly match the
players, the “Shuffle ’em up” signal can be given again.

Variations: Choose more than one player to stand in the middle to sort names, or use nicknames or last names (Mr. Naim, Ms. Cruz).
As the group gets to know each other better, you can try using
players’ personal information instead of their names, such as interests,
favorite TV shows, birthplaces, etc., or they can select false names,
whip share the false names around the circle, write them on note cards,
and play the game as described above.