Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: List of spelling words seen only by teacher

How To Play: Everyone stands in a circle. Teacher states a word
from the list. The first player repeats the word. The second player
begins spelling the word by saying the first letter. Moving around the
circle in sequence, players spell the word, one letter at a time, until
the word is completely spelled. The next player says the word
again (think of a spelling bee procedure). The next in line says,
“Sparkle!” and sits down. If the word has been spelled correctly, the
teacher says so and a new round moves around the circle with a new word.
If the word has not been spelled correctly, the teacher says so and
asks the players to huddle to find the error. The players then try
again to spell the word until it is spelled correctly.

The game ends when all players are seated or when all words on the list have been correctly spelled.

Plan for Success:
To give students a chance to prepare, you can announce the day before
that a spelling game will be played drawing on their current spelling
lists or other vocabulary words.

Variations: When saying “Sparkle,” players can add a little flair in celebration (hands up, clapping, or a little dance, for example).

This game can be adapted to other subject areas and concepts such as Math facts.