Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: Note cards, pencils

How To Play: Leader chooses a topic. Players brainstorm and
record a list of words related to topic. The words are written on note
cards and distributed, one to each player. Gathered in a circle,
players place their cards where they can be seen; then, they close their
eyes. Leader secretly chooses a word/player to be one that ends the
game by tapping a player on the head (while eyes are closed). Eyes are
reopened. Leader removes one chair so there is one fewer than the number
of players. To begin, the leader walks around the outside of the
circle and tells a story using the words on the list. As she calls out
words in the story the players with those words on their cards stand up
and follow her around the circle. When the leader calls out the ending
word in the story, she scrambles for a seat and all standing follow
suit. The player left without a seat then begins a new story with a new
ending word.

Note: The player chosen to end the game can simply remain seated while the others involved in telling the story find a seat.

Topic: The American Revolution
Words: Redcoats, muskets, Boston tea party, Sugar Act, patriot, loyalist

Topic: Earthquakes
Words: Ring of fire, tectonic plates, fault lines, seismic waves, tsunami

Plan for Success:Model and practice how to claim a seat (no running, player claims chair by tapping chair with both hands before sitting on it).