Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: Small ball or beanbag

How To Play: The players begin in a line with the leader in
front. On the leader’s command, “Green light!” the team of 4 to 8
players move towards the leader, and on the command, “Red light!”
players must all stop. If the leader turns and catches one of the
players moving, she tells the whole team to go back to the start. The
team tries to advance to the leader, capture a small ball sitting behind
her, and return with it to the place from which they started. This
task requires a group effort, and the group succeeds or fails together
by passing the ball among themselves to outwit the leader. Once a group
member picks up the ball, when the leader turns around to call, “Red
light,” she also calls out a player she thinks has the object. If she is
correct, then the entire team must move back and start over. If not,
on the “Green light” command, the group continues to pass the ball and
move backwards to get back to the starting line with the ball.

Plan for Success:
Players need to understand that the real fun begins once the ball is
retrieved from behind the leader’s back and is passed back and forth as
the team heads towards the starting line. If the leader is too strict
about calling “Red Light!” and trying to catch movers before the ball is
retrieved; the game loses its magic, because they can’t get to the
point where the ball is worked collectively towards the starting line.
Also, while planning the rules, include a rule that prohibits tossing
the ball-it’s better if it’s handed from person to person, rather than