Community Level 1 – Acquainted

Materials: None

How to Play: A designated first player in the circle makes a
personal statement such as, “I have two brothers.” Anyone else in the
circle that has two brothers takes a step in, raises his hand and says,
“That’s me.” The next player in the circle makes another statement such
as, “My favorite color is red.” All players to whom that the statement
applies take a step into the circle, raise their hands and say, “That’s
me.” You continue around the circle until everyone has had a chance to
make a statement.

Plan for Success:
Play this game at the beginning of the year to help students discover
what they have in common. Similarly, the game helps welcome a new

Sometimes a players will give a statement that no one has in common.
This is fine, but it is best to prepare players for this scenario.

Variations: “That’s Me” The Sharing Game
Everyone crouches down in a circle. To begin, one player stands up and asks a question such as,
“Who likes pizza?” “Who lives in a blue house?” “Who plays soccer?”
“Who’s going to their cabin this weekend?” Students love to be creative
with the questions!

All players to whom the question applies also stand up and shout,
“That’s me!” while throwing their arms in the air. The game continues
until everyone around the circle has had a chance to ask a question or
until everyone has joined in saying, “That’s me!”

It’s a great game to do on Mondays and before or after a long break,
because it gives everyone a chance to share something. It’s also a
non-threatening type of sharing for students hesitant to share in front
of the class or in the beginning of the year before sharing has been
formally introduced.

Graph some of the responses or have someone record the data to use in math or another curriculum area.

This game is also called Me Too!